Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road is 2 hours of watching a woman with dreams, loose her shit. Emotionally draining, sad and depressing. The source of her unhappiness is a mystery to her husband. As with all Sam Mendes films, every shot is a work of art. I love what he does with color. The acting is top notch. Leonardo DiCaprio's performances, of late, are so mature and nuanced. Not a feel good movie, I left the theater with a pit in my stomach and a desire to watch Finding Nemo. The good news is, only two more films to see to complete my Oscar project!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Good review, and keep up the project as you are in the home stretch. I took a break that I'm not proud of this weekend. Ha.

And I agree about 'Hellboy 2,' especially the sequence you mentioned.

Linda said...

2D~There'll be a big woo hoo when I finish on Valentine's day. My last film is Bolt....what the!?!?!