Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hellboy II

The only reason I rented Hellboy II:The Golden Army, was because it is Oscar nominated for achievement in makeup. Who knew I would actually be entertained? The melodramatic, otherworldly, superhero story underwhelmed me, but there are some awesome one liners ("I'm not going to kill him, but I am going to kick his ass.") and sight gags (gym lockers beating the crap out of Hellboy). I actually laughed out loud at times. My favorite part being a drunk Hellboy sequence. Didn't expect Barry Manilow's participation, too funny! Not a total waste of time, check one more off the list.


Farzan said...

Enjoyed this movie alot more than the first film. I thought it was entertaining and had some of the best special effects that I have seen in sometime. Director Del Toro sure has some creative ideas for his creatures. I cant wait to see what he will do with the upcoming Hobbit films.

Linda said...

Farzan~Agree on the special effects. Del Toro creates cool visuals.