Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Faith, Fantasy and Football on DVD

I've only seen one of the the films released to DVD this week. In Henry Poole is Here we see a man who struggles with mortality and faith. An OK drama. In my DVD que are City of Ember for the fantasy lover in me and The Express for the sports history lover in me. It'll be a good weekend for watching movies at home.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I figured there might be something on the Oscar noms over here . . . :)

Now, I must go see 'The Reader' and 'Frost/Nixon' as I've seen the other three.

As for you DVDs, that sounds like a good mixture (wasn't Bill Murray in City of Ember?). Think so.

Let me say don't rent 'Bangkok Dangerous' for any reason as I watched that this week knowing it wasn't good and I was right.

Linda said...

2D~The Oscar nom post goes up tonight. I'm excited to see City of Ember. Yes, Bill Murray's in it. Don't know if you watch Two and a Half Men, but I can't Hear Bangkok without giggling since Monday's episode (very immature). Thanks for the warning.