Monday, August 13, 2007

Stealth and Strange on DVD

In DVD this week we have The Lookout, which is one of the better films of 2007. To steal the contents of a bank vault, a group of thugs use a vulnerable young man, and things go awry. The psychological crime drama Fracture is also in DVD. A murder is committed, and the trial is a good who dunnit with a twist. Also in DVD is the David Lynch film Inland Empire. This is a strange ride that was so interesting to watch. At a 3 hour run time, DVD is a great way to see this piece of art. The strength of all these films are the performances. Enjoy!


2 Dollar Productions said...

So would you recommend 'Empire'? Lynch is really good and really strange, but sometimes I can only stand so much atmoshphere in search of a plot.

Would you place it up w/ Blue Velvet or Mulholland Falls? Those are what I consider to be a few of his best.

Linda said...

I'd recommend this if you like to be intrigued by a film. The plot is disjointed and confusing, the film is long, but I was never bored. The acting is outstanding, Laura Dern is amazing. I liked Mulholland Drive better than Inland Empire, and Inland Empire better than Blue Velvet. hope that helps!