Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rescue Dawn

Limited release films don't open in RI very often. The closest theaters for these independant films are in Boston. A tricky city to navigate for the unfamiliar. When a film beckons from Bean Town, I call my friend Debbie, and offer her "an adventure". Translation: a couple of good films and a meal, in exchange for being my navigator on the mean streets of Boston. We also get to catch up on each other's busy lives for a few hours on the ride. She took the bait today. Armed with detailed directions, we got lost on the first go round, trying to find a Landmark Cinema in Cambridge. Ironically, we ended up in front of a Loews Cinema we have been to before. Though I was ready to give up and just go to the Loews, with 45 minute to spare and yankee perseverance, Debbie got the map out of the glove box, figured out where we went wrong (Mass. DOT does not feel the need to mark all it's roadways, go figure why we got lost), and in 30 minutes we were pulling into the parking garage next to the Landmark Kendall Square Cinema. Woo Hoo!!

The first film on the schedule was Rescue Dawn. The true story of Dieter Dengler in the early stages of the Vietnam conflict. Shot down and taken captive in Laos, this is a harrowing tale of survival and escape. Werner Herzog brings his beautiful style to this story, with wonderful performances from Christian Bale and Steve Zahn.

Well worth the ride and the adventure!

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