Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm on my annual summer adventure in New York City. My friend Susan and I toddle around the big city for a couple of days each summer. The weather is usually great, but yesterday torrential rain was the order of the day ... all day. So we dried out in the AMC Empire 25 and enjoyed the movie Hairspray. We saw the show on Broadway last year, and thought it only appropriate to see the movie together in the same city. I loved the music, the dancing, the humor, the drama, the performances are outstanding. Who knew Christopher Walken could sing and dance!?!? Such a fun movie!

BTW, the Broadway show we chose this year was Avenue Q ..... fantastic!


Nell Minow said...

I loved "Hairspray," too! Do you think it is better than the original? And Walken is a great dancer! You must see his on-the-bar dance in "Pennies from Heaven" and his award-winning music video with Fatboy Slim.

Linda said...

Hi Nell! I did not care for the original version of Hairspray, maybe because I saw it shortly after seeing the stage show on Broadway. The 2 are very different. This version is closer to the stage show. I'm way behind the curve on Walken's dance career, thanks for the links. Evidently he studied at Hofstra (my younger daughter's alma mater), and a trivia bit I read said that he tries to work a dance bit into all of his films, love it! Thanks for reading!