Thursday, June 28, 2007


My reaction to the opening sequence of the new action film Transformers, was me sitting in the dark theater with my mouth wide open! It happened more than once. The Hasbro toys come to live action cinema this summer. Stunning visuals, eye popping action, crazy transforming alien robots and laugh out loud funny moments, make this a home run summer film for me. The whole concept of the Transformers is explained (not sure I get it completely), there's a military element, politics, family, loyalty and legend. Quite a saga, such a fun film.

As tonight was a premiere for the film (it opens in theaters July 3rd) Tyrese (yum) and Rachel Taylor (gorgeous), came to lil' ol' RI for the charity premiere in Hasbro's home town. Both are great in the film. The beneficiaries were Hasbro Children's Hospital, The RI Community Food Bank, Adoption RI and The Autism Project of RI. It was a wonderful event, and Hasbro introduced (I'm not kidding) a Mr. Potato Head toy called "Optimash Prime" .... so awesome!!

I'd like to introduce ProFM - Picks, the latest and greatest of what's in local theaters. Watch the labels section. I was their guest tonight, and thank them for the experience. Stay tuned ....... Friday Flick Picks are live on the air after 8 AM (oh yeah, 92.3 on your FM dial).

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