Saturday, June 23, 2007


I haven't seen a good scary film in a long time. 1408 chronicles a haunted hotel room in the best Steven King style. A writer investigates a haunted hotel room. John Cusack IS the film, a dynamic performance. I got jolts and mystery right to the end. Good psychological thriller.


Abe Froman said...

I was wondering about this one. You've compelled me to take the plunge and go see it. John Cusack is a great actor. My roommate in college was in the film program at the University of New Orleans and he worked at John's PA during the filming of Runaway Jury.

Abe Froman said...

I'm not sure if my roommate is still getting hot lattes and picking up dry cleaning for actors or not. haven't heard from him in a long time.

Linda said...

I've always liked John Cusack, I'd run his errands any time!