Sunday, June 10, 2007

Exhilarated and Exhausted.... NIFF 2007

The common words heard on Sunday at the Newport Film festival were so tired, so much fun, thanks so much! My Saturday ended at 1:00 Sunday morning and my alarm went off at 4AM to drive Ellen Rain-Scott and John Pierson to the airport. NIFF departure day is a busy one. I usually forget there are films showing. The more disciplined people got up and out to their trains. Because the sun was shining and, well it's Newport, the phone was hopping with calls from people pushing back their departure times. We had to send 3 cars to the 7:40 PM train! By 5 PM I could no longer think, so I got myself home. Asleep before the sun set, I'm happy to have had this week with the film folks who bring so much entertainment to my life. Thanks NIFF!

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