Friday, November 25, 2005


My first thought leaving the movie Rent was ... "it was a pleasure". I became aware of the musical Rent through my daughter M. The soundtrack came into our home, our car and our lives. Jonathan Larson wrote a wonderful score, and a story of the lives of young bohemians, struggling to live in the East Village of NYC, circa late 80's. When M attended NYU, I walked the streets that embodied the musical. M's freshman year, she lived in the East Village. I probably would not qualify as a "Renthead", but I am a huge fan, have seen the musical twice (thanks L) and the CD gets a lot of play in the house and the car. This could be some of the best "sing in the car" music, ever.

The film is a true version of the stage show. There are a few subtle changes, that make the story easy to follow. A few songs are left out, but it does not compromise the story. All but two of the cast are original, and the replacements are wonderful. For this fan, it is amazing to watch the original cast perform on the big screen! I marveled at the consistency and quality of the performances. There was also an underlying joy that seemed to come from the piece and it's creator. I have read a lot about Jonathan Larson, and hope he looks down to see the joy and inspiration his work has brought his fans in the last 10 years. Chris Columbus and the cast bring us a wonderful adaptation of Rent, I can't wait to see it again, and own the DVD!! "Seasons of Love" is an understatement.

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