Monday, November 21, 2005

Lights! Camera! Diner!

On my way home from work tonight, as I came up on the local diner, I saw police lights flashing, cones in the street, I thought there was a car accident. As I got closer, I saw the Beacon Diner lit up like day time, with movie cameras rolling!!! I slowed down to gawk, soaked in the moment. The RI film board has been courting Hollywood hard, and we have the film, Hard Luck, being made in the state for a few months. Mario Van Pebbles is directing, and Wesley Snipes and Cybill Shepherd are in the film. By the time I went home and got my camera and went back, the work was done and the lights turned off. It was very cool to have seen the bright lights of Hollywood, shining in Rhode Island!! PS (I went back the next night and got this shot, digital tecnology is amazing!)

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