Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chicken Little

The sky is falling!!! Or is it an alien invasion!??! The animated version of Chicken Little is a crazy modern satire, that mixes pop psychology with Orson Wells ... Spielberg style. Sound zany? Sound interesting? Sound fun? It is!!!! Chicken Little and his pals have a close encounter, and his Dad learns to believe in him on a crazy, alien ride. Some of the alien scenes may be a little intense for little ones, the little girl in front of me climbed into Mom's lap. The aliens looked just like Doc Oc (Spiderman 2) and War of the Worlds!! Fun stuff, I loved the modern depictions of the characters. Morcubine Porcupine was ultra-cool, and the glue of the film is Fish Out of Water (my fave)!!!

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