Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Now that the dust has settled on the award season for cinema of 2004, the DVD releases today are much lighter fare. This weekend I was in the company of my young nephews, and was introduced to Spongebob Squarepants ..... holy moly!!!! All I know is the kids were constantly giggling, and apparently you must shout the theme song. The feature film comes out in DVD today, I wish I had seen it in theaters with a screaming crowd of kids (and a bottle of Tylenol). On the other hand, the classic Disney film, Bambi, is being released in a special edition DVD. Two ends of the spectrum in animated entertainment.

Also out in DVD today is the 3rd season of Lost in Space. When this show was on TV, I was a kid, and we watched on the edge of our seats every week. I was fascinated with the concept of space travel, and loved the adventures of the Robinson family and the evil Dr. Smith!! This campy show is a gem of 1960's television programming.

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