Sunday, March 06, 2005

Be Cool

Being a big fan of Get Shorty, I was glad to see the return of Chili Palmer and the gang in Be Cool. The story is way too loose, a lot of inside references, and there are many moments where you wonder "what the heck??", but the entertaining moments won me over, and Travolta is hot as ever!! My new fantasy is one dance with JT, lucky Uma!!! James Woods, Harvey Keitel, Robert Pastorelli and Cedric the Entertainer give solid performances. Christina Milian shows off her vocal talent, and The Rock is hilarious!! Don't know how they got Aerosmith to do this film, but Steven Tyler holds his own. There are times where it looks like it's an effort to deliver his cheesy lines with a straight face, but he pulls it off. All in all an entertaining film, and will be a fun rental.

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