Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Recap

Of the 24 categories on my Oscar ballot, I picked 13. Million Dollar Baby and Jamie Foxx worthy of their awards! As I watched the Oscars, these are my observations:

Best Dressed: Hillary Swank, blue is the new black

Best entrance: Kate Winslet

Best Makeup: Penelope Cruz (once she got her hair out of her face)

Best Acceptance speech: Jorge Drexler (Motorcycle Diaries, best song) for singing his acceptance speech

Men in straight ties
Blue was the color of the night.
Serious eye makeup and nude lip shades.

Tasteless remark by Chris Rock:
Introduced Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz as " ..... four presenters"

Felt bad for Emmy Rossum introducing Beyonce.

Oh yeah, and I made the best mess of popcorn in the kitchen, nice even spray, it went everywhere!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. S... how are you? I was so suprised to see your email with the nomination picks; i loved it! I didn't end up watching the show, but you recapped it nicely for me. Thank you. :) i hope RI is treating you well; i know my mother is getting sick of the wintery weather (SC is gorgeous, no more winter coats for me!) i will talk to you soon. keep up the dedicated movie viewing.
much love,

Anonymous said...

Well once again we didn't see one movie that was nominated. I guess we are on the exact opposite spectrum of movie goers. Did see part of the awards though. Didn't really like the blue dress or Chris Rock. :) Helay loved all the glamour.Jo Ann

Linda said...

Kira, Glad you enjoy the blog, good to hear from you ... stay tuned. Luv, Mrs. S

Linda said...

JoAnn, You can always catch up on DVD!! I agree with Haley, the glam was great this year ... only a few fashion disasters, the rest was fun to see!

Anonymous said...

Mom, loved the recap. I felt bad for the displaced singers too. Did you know that the composer sang his song because the Oscar people thought that it would be more interesting for Antonio Banderas to sing it? It was meant to be a protest, but before I knew that I thought it was wonderful too. Actually, I still do. Antonio butchered it.

My favorite Oscar looks were Gwyneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman. Hilary Swank's was more fun at first, but not very interesting after awhile.

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