Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ray, Shall We Dance?

The original version of Shall We Dance? is out in DVD. For years this film has sat in the bargain bins in video stores, but this charming Japanese film enjoys new popularity thanks to this year's remake with big names Gere, Sarandon and Lopez. Looking for a little variety in his life and routine, a shy accountant signs up for a ballroom dancing class. The people in his class, the instructors and a dance competition show him, and his family, a side of him they did not know.

The film Ray is another charmer that tells the story of the early life of Ray Charles. Jamie Foxx gives an amazing performance as the music legend, and Taylor Hackford steers this story masterfully. The supporting cast is strong. This is one of this year's "must see" films.

Also out in DVD today is Vanity Fair. If you like period films, or Reese Witherspoon this is an ok story of social climber Becky Sharp. A little long, but I liked the costumes and Ms. Witherspoon's shot at an affected accent.

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