Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Lunchbox

On a recent trip to Brooklyn, I had the luxury of choosing a film with no Oscar connections. Acclaimed Hindi film, The Lunchbox was playing at the Angelika Film Center, so I hopped an F train and headed for Soho. I was early, so I took a stroll down Lafayette and came upon a Colossal Media artist working on a piece for Jagermeister....on a Sunday! Back at the theater, I enjoyed the story of a frustrated wife and mother who unwittingly strikes up a friendship with a stranger through the city's elaborate lunchbox delivery system. The visual sequence depicting this system is fascinating, and embeds us in the streets and atmosphere of Mumbai. The friendship progresses as her marriage disintegrates and we learn of the man's emotional ride through his conversations with a co-worker. A lovely story, a lovely film.

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