Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Year in Film 2013

As a film year, 2013 was a bit slow until the spring. Thanks to the Cable Car Cinema, Tribeca Film Festival and a few dog-sitting stints in NYC. I had a lot of fun film experiences.

I was lucky that there was a special screening of Sound City at the Cable Car at the end of January. They also screened Room 327 as a fundraiser for a digital projection system. A few months later they screened The Sign Painters Movie. Ain't in it for My Health was another wonderful film with an informative Q&A. Hooray for the Cable Car Cinema, my movie oasis!

In the spring I attended The Tribeca Film Festival for the 11th year. Star sightings of Clint Eastwood and Julianne Moore at two different screenings was really fun. I actually had a brief conversation with Sam Rockwell after the screening of A Single Shot (swoon) and literally bumped into David Rosenthal, the director. I also had the pleasure of seeing a small film called Trash Dance at reRun in DUMBO and enjoyed a cool Q&A with the director and 2 of the subjects. A wonderful time.

While dog-sitting in Brooklyn in May I created my own film festival. I saw Before Midnight with a friend followed by dinner at the Olive Tree. I treated myself to a front row seat to see the Broadway show The Nance. Thrilling to be that close to Nathan Lane. Stories We Tell, Behind the Candelabra and Frances Ha rounded out my weekend. IFC, HBO and The Angelika were in heavy rotation that weekend.

For my birthday I was treated to the play The Killers and Other Family. A long conversation with the actors after the play was fascinating.

We saw Ratatouille with my grandsons, who loved the movie about the Little Chef. Finally, I saw Gravity in IMAX 3D with my teenage nephews Ian and Kyle. I was never so happy to have company at a film. Terrifying movie, intense and so good.

More than once this year I found myself saying "well that was better than I expected". I've also watched more films for a second time this year. 2013 turned out to be a solid year in film. There are alredy over 30 films on my "favorites" list.

That's my year in the theater. Looking forward to 2014!!

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