Saturday, March 23, 2013

Room 237

If you are a fan of The Shining, the words Room 237 will give you a chill. In the Kubrick thriller, that room was foreboding, mysterious and scary. The documentary, Room 237 takes several analytical looks at hidden meaning and imagery in the film. Trying to get inside the head of Stanley Kubrick to give meaning to what I thought was just a good scary movie. A lot of the theories are a bit far-fetched for me, and some read a bit much into continuity problems and camera angles. This is a well structured documentary, but the audience I saw it with had some good laughs at the more ridiculous interpretations. It was nice of IFC to allow the Cable Car Cinema to screen this film as a fundraiser for its Digital Upgrade equipment. A sell-out crowd with an interesting documentary made for a fun night in a great theater.

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