Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day Six

Learning that Liza and Ryan were going to the Kentucky Derby I magnanimously offered to dog-sit their two dogs in Brooklyn. I then bought a ticket to Micmacs, playing at Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday. Aren't I nice? This morning I took the dogs for a long walk, then drove to the east village. Gorgeous day, found my parking quickly and a bar stool at Smith for lunch. A deluxe burger filled the bill, but the real joy was a sundae called the Pink Pussycat. Awkward as it was to order, this construction of red velvet cake, strawberry ice cream, sliced strawberries and whipped cream was absolutely delicious. Next stop was Village Cinemas East, where they were bringing the line for Micmacs into the theater. The actress Julie Ferrier introduced the film with an admission that Jean-Pierre Jeunet was too hungover too attend. I like honesty. The film was a joy. Two unscrupulous arms dealers are derailed by a group of misfits (Micmacs). At one point my mind turned to Tony Stark. hmmmm A fun film that I would love to see again. After the film I drove out to NJ to visit Melanie, Joe and Eli. A wonderful time, highlighted by Eli's pronouncement of "I love you". Nothing like a toddler learning to talk. Melted this grandma's heart! By the way, my pick for the Derby was Super Saver. Bragging rights is all I've got, but it was a fun race to watch. Joe's horse, Ice Box came in second! Good times!!

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