Monday, January 11, 2010

Space, Scandle and Splodies in DVD

It's a good week for DVD releases. My favorite film of the year, Moon hits DVD. Cool drama with a great performance by Sam Rockwell. Do yourself a favor, see this flick. The Hurt Locker and In the Loop are two other good films out this week. In my rental queue? Big Fan, The Burning Plain and Departures.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Really need to rent 'Locker' since I missed it in theaters & it will be up for several Oscars. Thanks for several of the previous reviews as I was curious about both 'Youth' and the Gilliam one, although I'll probably wait to rent them. Probably. Just posted a 'Crazy Heart' review, which I liked very much.

Linda said...

2D~I think you will really Like The Hurt Locker. Great week for DVD releases.