Thursday, May 07, 2009

Twitter, Movies & Me

The Internet has been my portal to the entertainment world for many years now. At first it was a peep hole, it has now become a rather large picture window. The latest access, which I find highly entertaining, is Twitter. A social networking site that has folks answering the question, "what are you doing?" in 140 characters or less. In the last year, a lot of folks from the entertainment industry have jumped on. People I listen to on the radio, watch on TV and see in the theater have been posting "tweets" like crazy. It has given this movie geek access to the folks that bring me such joy through their work. It's interesting to follow a film maker on Twitter, then see them in person at film festival. Is it OK to say, "I follow you on Twitter"? Do you think they want to know? Another form of promotion and communication that's just plain fun for me. Thanks to all who Tweet, I'll be following........

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