Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Soloist

Sometimes life does not hand us situations in a tidy box. In The Soloist, journalist Steve Lopez encounters a homeless man with an amazing musical talent ... and schizophrenia. Nathaniel Ayers is presented in a realistic way that makes it clear that mental illness is not a tidy situation. Wonderful performances tell a complicated story in a compassionate way. Well done.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a worthwhile view, especially coming from Joe Wright, known for his period pieces "Pride & Prejudice" & "Atonement". I've heard this was supposed to be released last fall, but was delayed for some reason.

BTW, I've just watched "State of Play", and I very much enjoyed it.

Farzan said...

I loved Joe Wright's Atonement. I still haven't seen The Soloist, but I do plan on seeing it. I'm surprised at the mixed reviews its getting.

Linda said...

V-Knowledge~I think this release was put off because it's not quite Oscar caliber. I liked it.

Farzan~I think the mixed reviews come from the fact that this story does not come in a neat package. I kind of like that aspect.