Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Color of Money

Things I had forgotten about The Color of Money:

The amazing camera work of Martin Scorsese..
The powerful cool of Paul Newman's performance.
The shear arrogance of Tom Cruise's performance.
The honesty of Helen Shaver's performance.
The beauty and strength of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's performance.
The power of the placement of the music.
A story that values integrity.
The satisfaction of the conclusion.

Glad I watched this film again.
(Thanks to 2 Dollar Productions for reminding me to revisit this film)


2 Dollar Productions said...

No problem as I wanted to watch it again after using that quote, and now reading your review, I want it even more. Ha. I thought I might own it on DVD, but checked, and didn't so it will have to be a rental (though I should probably just buy it).

Linda said...

2D~I had kind of forgotten this was a Scorsese film. The camera work is impressive. I read that this film was the one where he really started to stretch his legs creatively. There's also a very young Forrest Whitaker in one scene. Worth another look.