Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars 2009 : The Awards

I'm at my daughter's place in NYC watching the Oscars. Her dog is not taking this a seriously as I am, but he seems intrigued by my score sheets and notebooks. The Kodak looks great, it's a cool set. As a host, Hugh Jackman is engaging, cheeky, hot! Could have done without the montages though. The 5 actor presentation thing was cool, but did not help with the length of the show. It's still too long. Most fun was the sheer joy from the folks with Slumdog Millionaire. Here are a few superlatives.

Best gown: Frida Pinto
Best tux: Hugh Jackman *sigh*
Best hair: Jennifer Aniston
Best acceptance speech: toss up between Justin Lance Black and Sean Penn
Best moment: Petit balancing the gold guy on his chin

I've got tomorrow off, so I get to sleep in. Then travel home and back to reality. Thanks to the Academy for a fun night and the film makers for a great year in film. On to the films of 2009!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Enjoy sleeping in . . . I liked the Oscars with the exception of Rourke losing as I don't usually pull that hard for any one person.

But you're right, I thought the set looked pretty damn cool. Visually, it was one of the best I've seen in years.

Linda said...

2D~I also liked the structure, just wish they'd do something about the length. You could have cut an hour out of that baby easily. I was shocked that Rourke didn't win, but that's the Academy for you.

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed this year's Oscars. Hugh Jackman was a fine host, and I liked how how he put his showman skills on display. Made the proceedings a little more fun to watch.

I was sorely disappointed that Rourke didn't win Best Actor, as he was the most deserving. I wonder if it was typical Oscar politics at work, or if the Academy feared a Rourke acceptance speech. Still, Penn deserves it all the same.

Glad to see Slumdog take it's 8 Oscars, with Best Pic & Director to match. Great seeing A.R. Rahman winning two for his exceptional soundtrack (which I scooped up just last week & have playing on repeat).

And I really appreciated the whole show clocking in at 3.5 hours instead of matching the runtime of LOTR: Return of the King extended edition.

Linda said...

V-Knowledge~I felt for Rourke as well, but Penn was great. I think it just comes down to numbers, I'll bet it was close. I think they should let Jackman host from now on....