Monday, February 16, 2009

Oscar 2009 : The Sights

For the Oscar in art direction this year, it's tough to beat The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A beautiful film that could be trumped by The Dark Knight (and be deserved). The cinematography of Slumdog Millionaire is award worthy, as is the editing. The visual effects of The Dark Knight are eye popping and dizzying. The film may grab the award for best makeup as well. The closest competition, for makeup, would be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I saw The Duchess because I thought it would get a nom for costumes. I was right, and I think it could win.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Good idea about the Oscars as I enjoy it as well, and always have contests about picking the winners.

Of the ones you listed, I think that make-up with go to Benjamin Button versus the Dark Knight. They almost have to give Button some love, and I don't see it winning many categories despite having the most nominations. I think make-up will be one of them.

Linda said...

2D~I think Button would be more deserving of the makeup Oscar, but I'm wondering how wide the Ledger-factor will reach.

Anonymous said...

I did say that I was going to skip watching the Oscars in light of the Dark Knight snubbing, but who am I kidding? I can't resist the allure of this year's batch of nominees, and I enjoy seeing great work earn their due props.

Onto your picks, I could see Benjamin Button sweeping the makeup category and visual effects. I loved the subtle & intelligent use of CGI in The Dark Knight as well, and I could see that film earning the sttue for Editing.

Linda said...

V-Knowledge~Anything can happen at the Oscars. Be interesting to see how Button fares. Any award would be worthy, but they've got stiff competition. It'll be fun to tune in on Sunday. I'm hoping Dark Knight scores a few gold guys!