Monday, March 10, 2008

Harmony, Honey, Homecoming and Hostility in DVD

Whew! Big week for DVD release. The Oscar winning, No Country for Old Men will fly off rental shelves this week. Bee Movie will probably have the same fate, I thought this was a crowd pleaser. August Rush was a dramatic disappointment, but the music makes this one worth a look. And for a little local flavor, see how many RI locations you recognize in Dan In Real Life. A romantic comedy that's worth a look! Enjoy ........


2 Dollar Productions said...

That's a cool Frances McDormand story as I've always enjoyed her work.

I bought No Country on DVD yesterday as my wife hasn't seen it and I planned to own it anyway.

Also, I rented Into the Wild, which I am excited to finally see.

Thanks for reminding me about 'Dan' as we almost saw that one in the theater.

Linda said...

2D~ Dan in Real Life will be a good rental, light and well done ... enjoy!