Saturday, October 14, 2006


As I have written before, I loved the book In Cold Blood. The film Infamous chronicles the years Truman Capote spent writing it. Sound familiar? It should. This was also the subject of the film Capote, released last year. The films are similar, in that they capture the events, people and period very well. Where they vary is emotion. Infamous gets inside the head and heart of Capote more, and, in some ways, is not very flattering. An all-star cast puts in solid performances, especially Toby Jones as Capote. Sandra Bullock gives a wonderful performance as Capote's dear friend, Nelle Harper Lee, and Jeff Daniels wins me over once again, as Alvin Dewey. Daniel Craig flexes his acting chops (and a few other muscles) as the murderer Perry Smith. An emotionally intense film I enjoyed.

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