Monday, October 02, 2006

Fred Rogers:America's Favorite Neighbor

The documentary Fred Rogers:America's Favorite Neighbor, is an interesting history of the man. In my early years of babysitting, MisterRogers Neighborhood came to PBS in this area. I took great comfort in this gentle man's simple message of self-worth. To hear "you are special" every day, was powerful. I got as much out of his message as my small charges. Years later, I watched his show with my own children. With this film, a dear friend came back into my home. Especially impressive were the segments where he charmed both Joan Rivers and John Pastore (Senator from RI) with his demeanor, sensibility and sense of humor.

I know of two young men that are working on a film right now, called Mister Rogers & Me. This will be another documentary I hope to enjoy, embodying Fred Rogers' philosophy of "deep and simple" to people and the world.

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