Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest is, in a word, fun !! OK, you want more words?? Davy Jones and his crew are creepy, Will Turner is swashbuckling, Elizabeth Swann is courageous, Norrington returns and Jack Sparrow .... ahhhhh Jack Sparrow!! Jack Sparrow is a visual sensation, every motion comes from his toes, and ends in his hat. The words, the look, he's all Pirate .... such a pleasure to watch. The special effects impressed me, loved the look of the film. To refute the critics, I enjoy being set up for a sequel. As satisfying as this adventure is, I can't wait for the next! Pirates rule!!


Jodi said...

First off I want to say that I look forward to every Friday morning to hear what movies you suggest. I'm usually getting to work right at that time and walk in about a few minutes late so I can hear the entire segment. Now on to Pirates!! Loved it!!! I saw both 1 & 2 in the theatres and own both movies. All characters were outstanding as usual, however I am partial to Orlando Bloom. He was spectacular as usual. I do agree that some parts could have been left out, but even so I LOVED the movie. It sets up for a GREAT ending. Look forward to your Friday segments!!

Linda said...

Couldn't agree more about Pirates, Jodi! The stories are so imaginative, and the effects and ... oh yeah ... those pirates!! I'm looking forward to the 3rd film this summer. Thanks for listening to the Friday Flick Picks! Glad you enjoy it, stay tuned ..... :)