Monday, July 17, 2006

Monster House

Animation is one of my favorite film forms. From hand drawn, to computer generated, to stop action, I love the visual imagery. Monster House is done in motion capture animation, which we last saw in the Polar Express. Halloween is the setting for a group of kids dealing with the house across the street, that eats anyone that gets within its reach. The story was great, the characters entertaining and the visuals stunning!!! A very small person was asked, on the way out of the screening, "was it scary?". She said "Nahhhh", just as I was about to say "well yuhhhh". Does that make me a wimp?!?!!? Great film for brave 4 year olds and wide-eyed 50 year olds!!!

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Reel Fanatic said...

Hopefully it's a great movie for someone right in the middle too .. I'll find out later today!