Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Winter Passing

Dysfunctional families supply great characters for film. In Winter Passing a young woman returns home to a father she doesn't know, looking for letters from her famous Mother, to sell. In the process she finds friendship and herself, and goes from cynical to grounded. Zooey Deschanel is the heart of this film, and Will Ferrell gives us his first dramatic performance. Well worth a look.


fo_reel_fo_show said...

Hello. Wanted to return the favor, since you left a post on our website regarding this same film. Great review on the Da Vinci Code as well. Belmondo (from Cinema Flinte) and I have bet going regarding the biggest money maker of this summer - I am shooting for Superman and he's going for the failing Da Vinci Code. You should join the winning club - what do you think?

Linda said...

Hmmmm ... Superman should kick ass!! I'm thinkin Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean will be strong contenders too. For the record, I'll go with the man of steel. Enjoy the blog, I'll be keeping an eye on yours!!