Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code has been heavily promoted over the past year. I was hoping for a good film....oh well. The beginning is slow and painful to watch, Ian McKellan's performance salvages the middle and the end lacks the drama that the final reveal deserves. I have always felt that it is very difficult to interpret a book to film, but the fantastical theories of Dan Brown, that made the book a popular page turner, sound ridiculous in this film. I will say that the cinematography and visual techniques used, as the characters explain theories, are excellent. Ron Howard knows how to craft a film, but the tempo, acting and writing are way off. Where there could have been suspense and wonder, we have predictability and tedium.


Belmondo said...

I agree on the fantastical theories. What slowly unfolds in the book and makes you continue reading turns into a five second announcement in the film. I almost thought, "who cares?" when we were told Jesus had a child.

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Linda said...

Thanks for your thoughts, I like your blog. Your link is on mine, feel free to do the same!