Sunday, March 19, 2006

Neil Young : Heart of Gold

Gee, who was that person grinning like a fool in the dark this afternoon? Oh, that was me, totally enjoying the concert documentary Neil Young : Heart of Gold! Thanks to an interview I read by Benjamin Wagner , I saw this film with my friend D this afternoon. What a pleasure! Jonathan Demme created a beautiful film that captured the work, music and friendships of Neil Young. I got goosebumps as the curtain went up at the Ryman Theater in Nashville for this special event. You can see and feel the camaraderie and love on the stage. The talent assembled there was impressive! The music Young wrote for Prairie Wind, touches on real life themes. Aging of parents, the empty nest and beautiful love songs, that I think must have been written to his wife. I got a little choked up during Here for You, the "empty nester" song. The cinematography, lighting and staging were great, and the way the songs flowed into each other, gave a very special sense of intimacy. This was a concert film I thoroughly enjoyed!!

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MCB said...

Is this a coincidence? I just received your comment about my post about Jacques Brel on my blog, Rounding60. Then, I checked out your blog--and you mention my son, Ben, who wrote about Neil Young's new album. Did you know the connection?