Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Recap 2006

The Academy Awards this year began and ended on a high for me!! I love a dark horse winner. Though most of the winners were predictable, the first and last made the night for me. First, George Clooney won his gold statue for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Syriana, last Crash won for best picture. I seriously thought Nicholson was screwing with us!!! I picked 12 out of 24 winners, half seems to be my norm. I love the award, I love the process. This year the films made us think, and the performances all were worthy.

Moments from the awards:

Eight gowns ended up on my "best list". I think my favorite was Dolly Parton, pretty in pink, and Salma Hyak in royal blue. Looked like Clooney may have bought a new tux.

Best entrance, Jennifer Lopez, the gown was lovely as she walked, and Samuel L. Jackson took the stage in style, that walk should be packaged!!

Best jewelry goes to Amy Adams, loved those earrings!

Hottest couple: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

My girl Meryl looked lovely, she and Lily Tomlin were very funny introducing Robert Altman.

A camera caught Dianna Ossana sneaking a drink after her best screenplay win.

Favorite commercial: those silly monkeys, they crack me up!!!!

The bow ties for the Oscar statues from the Wallace & Gromit folks were pretty cute.

On to the 2006 film season!!!!!

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