Saturday, December 31, 2005

King Kong

The epic film lives in King Kong! Peter Jackson's dream is on screen for all to see!! The man has imagination, vision and technical expertise down to a science. A stellar cast, a classic story and amazing special effects make this cinema at it's best. The original film made it's way on to my "favorites" list in the summer of 2004, a simple story, well executed back in 1933. Though longer than it needs to be, Jackson does the story true with this version. Naomi Watts needs no dialogue to make the bond between Kong and Ann Darrow come alive. One of the most consistent modern actresses, Watts IS the film ... incredible performance!! Be ready for action (Brontosaurus stampede), heroes (Kong vs T-Rex and biplanes) and rivalry (Brody vs Kong, yikes!!) A wonderful film experience for me!!

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