Saturday, October 22, 2005

In Support of Film

All forms of art always seem to struggle for funding. The thing I hear most from filmmakers is that it's easier to make the film, than to pay for the film. A lot of no budget and low budget movies work through film festivals for exposure. The film festivals themselves work hard to get funding also. There are sponsorships and fundraisers that help make these events happen.

I worked at a charity auction tonight for the Newport International Film Festival, and the support was impressive! Not only was the bidding fast and furious, but a local boy stepped up to the plate. The director Michael Corrente (Federal Hill, American Buffalo, Outside Providence) donated a package that won an amazing bid. He left his table, and worked the crowd to fetch a hansom bid in support of the Film Festival. It was great to see the support and enthusiasm for independent film, and an event that brings this wonderful art and it's artists to our small community.

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