Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Classics and Newbees in DVD

All of the DVD releases that I've seen this week are classics. In the newbee corner, I am enthusiastically awaiting films like Melinda and Melinda, King of the Corner, Rize, Noel, Bewitched and Shortcut to Nirvana.

In the realm of the classics I've seen that come out in DVD today, we have a special edition of The Wizard of Oz. I have trouble thinking of The Wizard of Oz as a film. My childhood experience presented it to me as a TV show. Yes, commercials and all, this was an annual event in my house. Being the only girl in my family, and evidently an early film fan, all in the household were to sit quietly and watch, when the folks from Oz came into our home. sshhhhhhhh !!!!! I was enchanted by the experience year after year. I have to say, it took an adjustment when the film came out on video and my children could watch it, without interruption, over, and over, and over!!!!!

Another fun film story from the DVD vault this week, is a Looney Toon Golden Collection release. I met the wonderful Mel Blanc when I was in college. As the voice of many Looney Toon characters, he spoke to the communications majors about the industry, and at a meet and greet, became all that made him famous. In regular conversation, this lovely, elderly gentleman became, Bugs, Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, and on and on, before my eyes! It was an evening I'll never forget!!

And not to forget another special release of what has quickly become a classic, Titanic has a new special edition out this week. This was a power player for the movie industry in the late nineties and I have many fond memories related to attending the film.

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