Thursday, August 11, 2005

Obscure DVD Recommendations

I love when friends recommend films I've never heard of. With all my reading and research, I like getting first-hand info on obscure films. One of my Film Friends recommended the mockumentary from last year, called The Incident at Loch Ness. Werner Herzog and Zak Penn put together a spoof that H thought was a riot, I was mildly amused, but it could have been my mood. Not bad if you like this form of humor.

Another Film Friend recommended 2 films I enjoyed quite a bit. One was called The Chateau. A comedy about 2 brothers going to France to claim the inheritance of an old French chateau, and the twists and turns that ensue. Very amusing, VERY low budget. The other is a wonderful comedy called Happy,Texas. Two guys escape from prison, and in stealing an RV to get away, must assume the identities of 2 beauty pageant coaches to avoid the police. As you can guess, they end up in Happy, Texas, and the pageant is for 10 year olds. Steve Zahn shines in this silly chase film. I was very entertained.

Keep those film recommendations coming !!!!!!

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