Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Relief

The news coverage of the devastation in the path of Hurricane Katrina is mind boggling. Thousands of displaced people need our help. Anyone looking for a place to send relief funds can contact the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army or the ASPCA.


Anonymous said...

hi #2,it's #1.I finally found your blog & see we have more in common than listening to the same radio station.I love Casablanca & Godfather too as well as MGM musicals, '40s &'50s tearjerkers,& the Wizard of Oz.We seem to have similar birthdays.If you would like to talk please get my e-dress from our mutual friends.

Linda said...

Hi #1, I hope you enjoy the reading here. I'll get your e-dress. I just celebrated my 49th b-day on Monday, last one in this decade!!! Thanks for the note ~#2