Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Let me count the ways that Mr. & Mrs. Smith entertained me:
(Letterman style, of course)

10. The most superficial of reasons, Pitt and Jolie are smokin' hot!!
9. Special effects and things that get blown up abound.
8. Vince Vaugh's character, and his delivery, are hilarious!
7. The neighbors ... see the film, I need say no more.
6. Creative premise, got a lot more story than I expected.
5. The married folk banter was stereotypical and very funny.
4. Benjamin wearing a Fight Club t-shirt rocks!
3. I love night shots of the Brooklyn Bridge.
2. The dialog and ironic humor had me laughing out loud.
1. Did I mention that Pitt and Jolie are smokin' hot!?!?!?
(And pull off a very funny action adventure film for summer fun!!)

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