Tuesday, July 26, 2005

March of the Peguins

When I was a kid there were evenings my father would holler, "you kids get down here"! He would have found a National Geographic or Cousteau special on the tube, and we were to watch and learn. I was fascinated by those shows. I think that is where my love for documentary film began.

The film, March of the Peguins, is a window into the lives of the Emperor Penguin in Antarctica. They are born, they grow, they live in the ocean for 4 years, mature, return to the mating ground, mate and return to the ocean. Doesn't sound like much right? Try it at 58 degrees below zero and dinner is a 70 mile walk away, (and your legs are 2 inches long), and, oh yeah, when the wind blows it's 80 degrees below zero....yikes!!! Did I mention this has been going on for centuries!?!?

These animals are amazing, and this film is a view of their world that is hostle, cute, sad, funny, touching, mesmerizing and entertaining. Stay for the credits, you get to meet the film crew. This film is well worth seeing on the big screen!

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