Monday, June 27, 2005

Celebrity Blind

I've decided that I am "celebrity blind". I have had my share of celebrity sightings over the years, but after reading a recent edition of Gawker, I have decided I just don't know what I'm looking at. Almost every celebrity I've seen had to be pointed out, or introduced themselves to me.... and I'm a consumer, I know what they look like!!! Unfortunately I have passed this gene along to daughter L, who saw Richard Kind (Mad About You) outside a theater in NYC and said "I've just seen someone famous, but I don't know who it is!!!" The story of my life!!!

It's not like I'm not interested, I love the scoops on stars, I get a kick out of my random brushes with celebrity, but I have spent years in the same haunts as this Gawker page, and have seen nary the glimmer of stars that this writer describes. (I may have let Tim Robbins cross the street in front of me in Tribeca this spring, but I'm not really sure). My take is, that they look so different in person (usually much better) that it doesn't register with me.

So my friend S and I are planning our annual summer attack on Manhattan, and I may just take random photos of passersby, and see if I can identify them later. I'll be discreet, it's easy to look like you're taking a photo of a building ......

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