Friday, July 03, 2020


 In 2016 I fell in love with the cast recording of the Broadway musical Hamilton. The compelling story of Alexander Hamilton and the birth of a nation is full of drama, battles, love and scandal. These elements make for perfect theater. The team that put the musical together filmed one of the last performances of the original cast. In 2019 I was treated to a performance of Hamilton on Broadway in NYC, and later that year, saw a road production with the Angelica Company. Such a delight. The film was sold to Disney and the original plan for releasing the film was a theatrical release in the fall of 2020.  When Broadway shut down in March of 2020 and we were trapped in lock-down by a pandemic, they decided to release the film to Disney + on July 3rd. That morning I woke at 6am and watched the film. What a pleasure to watch the original cast work inside a piece they had been performing for over a year. I'm glad that I saw this in the theater, because the sets and movement around the set is hard to capture in a film. They concentrated on the story and the performances. It is such a joy to be able to watch this whenever I want. Thanks to the creators and Disney +.

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