Saturday, May 02, 2020

Sweet Charity

The first time I can remember my parents going to the movies was when they went to see Sweet Charity with their friends in the theater. They talked about it for weeks after. I was 12. They bought the soundtrack album and I knew all the songs, and I have seen clips of the dance number over the years, but had never seen the film in its entirety. Today I fixed that. The story, the music, the choreography, such a fun film. I really liked the Laugh-In references, Fickle Finger of Fate and Sock it to me. The sign of the time Rythm of Life Church played well portraying the era, Big Daddy is the jam. His take on the Ten Commandments are so great. Church of the Month Club served Oscar well. The sass and determination in Charity and her friends is admirable, and lyrics like "get up get out and do it" are empowering. Smatter in a few declarations of  "up yours" and we know exactly how they feel. I'm glad I saw this on DVD because there is an alternate ending in the extras, which I preferred.This is a wonderful movie, and I did go back and watch all of the dance numbers before I returned the disc. Great rental.

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