Sunday, February 11, 2018

Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

The Oscar nominated short films are compiled to feature length programs. I saw the animated program today. It is an interesting assortment of films.

Love Basketball - Pencil drawings come to life in a self-narrated ode to basketball by Kobe Bryant. Lyrical and nice to watch. A love letter.

Garden Party - A bizarre scene unfolds from the perspective of frogs at an abandoned mansion...or so it seems. Funny with a jarring ending.

Lou - The items of a Lost & Found box take on a life of their own to address a bully on a playground. Pixar's magic is fun to watch here.

Negative Space - The strategies of packing a suitcase give a young boy an interesting perspective when faced with the end of life.

Revolting Rhymes - A Rahl Dahl twist on a classic fairy tale with a dark tone and great animation.

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