Saturday, October 14, 2017

Victoria and Abdul

My father wanted to see Victoria and Abdul so we went on a rainy Sunday afternoon and it was sold out! In Rhode Island! Good news for the film, bad for us. The next week I bought tickets ahead of time and we made it in to the theater. We were treated to a lovely yet brutal depiction of aristocratic England in the late 1800s. Victoria was queen and it looked like a bore. When she meets Abdul she is taken with his friendly demeanor. To keep him around, she assigned him as her teacher (munshi) to teach her the language and ways of India. This did not go well with her staff and family and she often had to use "because I am the queen" to advocate for Abdul. The queen embraced the culture and she and Abdul were great friends. There is a lot of drama in this story. The performances in this film are great and it is beautifully filmed. There is a lot of emotion too. (My Dad cried.) Nice film

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