Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Judd Apatow Live

Judd Apatow is doing stand up again after a 22 year break and he brought his act to Providence. I bought tickets, invited a friend and we went to the Columbus Theatre in Providence. The upstairs theater is a small space, 200 seats, and sitting in the back row-center we were only 20 feet from the stage. Wayne Federman opened. He was light, and used the piano on the stage. A talented player and very funny guy. Apatow took the stage carrying his notes and a beer. He was prepping to tape a special for Netflix on Friday. His material moved easily from politics to family to work to sex to food as his subjects.The bits were funny and the hour flew. In the end, my face hurt from laughing and I felt a little lighter. A very fun night.

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