Saturday, November 26, 2016


It's always fun to see a movie with a large group of people. When my grandson chose Moana as the movie we were to see for his birthday I knew we were in for quite a ride. 21 adults and children were in our group, and we took up 3 rows in the theater. The short film Inner Workings set the tone for the theme of "follow your heart". Moana is the age-old story of a headstrong young girl who wants more than the protected world her parents insist on. She feels a destiny to help her people and sets off on a quest. In the exotic land of island culture we follow our optimistic hero. There is action, there is folklore, there is humor, there is heart and boy oh boy is there music! Lin Manuel Miranda weaves wonderful songs throughout the film in his own magical style. Moana is appealing and the young actress, Auli'i Cravalho, who plays her has a gorgeous voice. Everyone in our group loved this film and the packed theater applauded at the end. I look forward to seeing it again.

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