Sunday, February 14, 2016

Oscar Nominated Shorts Animation

The shorts nominated for Oscars tend to be very short, so 4 extra shorts were added to the Oscar Nominated Short Animated Films program to fill out a 90 minute program. 

Bear Story shows a charming bear with a street show that tells his story. Sweet and poignant.

Prologue depicts a battle in line drawings that is surprisingly effective and graphic.

Sanjay's Super Team is comprised of some surprising characters as his religion meets his fantasies. Maybe they are the same thing?

We Can't Live Without Cosmos is a story of friendship and exploration. Mostly friendship.

World of Tomorrow looks at the future in analytical style with a childlike joy. Very creative.

The Loneliest Stoplight is a story about a stoplight at an abandoned intersection. The signature style of Bill Plympton is delightful.

The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse shows off stellar animation in the story of a mouse who turns from food to friend in the eyes of a protective fox. Stunning visuals.

If I Was God takes us back to the classroom in the eyes of a young boy. Frogs and girls hold his attention, but how to get the attention of the right one?

These were all wonderful in their own way.

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